Make Storytelling an Adventure


Reading books to children offers acquisitions such as creating positive communication within the family, awareness of literacy, establishing cause-effect relationships, understanding the structure of the language used, problem solving and decision making skills from case studies. In order for children to acquire the habit of reading, it is recommended to create reading routines.


The interactions between adults and children while reading books are as important as the books chosen to make reading fun. Adding unusual fun situations to these interactions can stimulate creativity in children. Reading can create excitement. It can also encourage children to generate new ideas.


Children who feel active while reading a book and have a fun interaction with their families can look forward to reading time with excitement. These fun interactions can offer support for children to continue reading. When reading with children, you can do a variety of things to add fun and creativity to reading.



You can use puppets while reading to your children. Making the puppets talk according to the flow of the story, telling children a story with a special tone of voice and having your child voice some characters by including them in this game will greatly contribute to your child's development.


Here we have listed favorite Cuddoll hand&finger puppets that will accompany you in your fun storytelling sections.



Hand Puppets

Cuddoll handpuppets are  the handmade hand puppet of Cuddoll world which will allow you to make up your own stories with our colorful selection of unique hand-knitted characters. Every unique member of this family which will assist you in every journey.  Every day brings a different adventure, thanks to our great variety of cute and playful handmade hand puppets. Make your own fairytale story with  and unleash your child’s creativity through storytelling and imaginative play using our organic, handmade puppets.


Finger Puppets  

Way up high, in the deep blue sky, four flying creatures are ready for an adventure!

Let your stories come alive with our unique set of handmade finger puppet and unleash your child’s creativity through storytelling and imaginative play using our organic, handmade puppets.


Two Finger Puppets

Here they come, watch them running! Our hand-knitted two finger puppets are eager to join you on your next adventure. Every combination unlocks a new world of possibilities. Chez the fast cheetah,Danny the stomping dinosaur, Micky the stealthy Mouse, Bruno, the clumsy bear and Cara the fluffy koala is waiting to be part of your creative reading sections with your toddler.