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1 Handmade Doll = Dream Come True

Ethically produced, Handmade Dolls online that support women. Each doll is hand knit in Turkey by talented artisans with premium cotton.


Handmade Dolls cuddly friends that will last a lifetime

handmade dolls

Sustainable Future By Handmade Dolls For All

Cuddoll is produced by mothers who share their hearts, their dreams, and their passions with your dolls. That’s why each of them is unique!

We believe in women’s power.

We believe in women’s dreams.

We believe women have to be stronger to make their dreams come true.

Beautifully crafted

Beautifully crafted and so soft for playing with baby. A lot of commercial hand puppets don’t allow for you to move the mouth. This is so cute. My grandson adores it. We use it reading the Llama Llama books


Cute and cuddly

My son loves the Sheep since he is six months old and it is perfect size for his toddler hands. He likes to sleep with the Sheep and he carries it everywhere. I was impressed with the quality. Organic cottons, neutral colors and it feels very soft. I’m suprised to find out that it’s machine washable and very durable. The sheep is so cute and cuddly! Your baby will love it!

Emily Barbour

It is so adorable

I searched everywhere for the perfect doll, my son immediately took to the friendly face and big eyes. Very well made with organic yarn and safe for babies. No choking hazards to be on alert for, which was very important for me. Perfect for my 9 month old son’s hands to grab and hold, super soft to hug against his chest. You can tell they put lots of detail, hard work, and love into making it special! It is so adorable and seeing him hold it makes it even better, it is something that we will cherish forever. Buying from the seller was easy and fun, coming up with the right concept and colors. Just imagine all the possibilities to make it unique to your child. I couldn’t be more pleased with it. I look forward to buying another!