Benefits of Reading Books to Children

Books are as effective as games and toys in children's recognition of the outside world, help them to develop mentally, socially and emotionally in a shorter time.

The books that children read in the preschool period better develop in terms of listening ability and language development and they are more successful in reading and writing than their peers.

Reading stories from children's books and telling fairy tales are of great importance for children's mental, emotional and social development, as well as for their imagination and creativity skills.

Although reading book types such as fairy tales has been considered a passive activity for many years, it will carry the child far. The book that is read frequently will allow the child to develop vocabulary and learn the meanings of words.

First of all, it is very important to choose a book according to your child's age level. The most important point that families should pay attention to when choosing a book is to choose books that are suitable for children's interests and curiosity. You can take your child to the bookstore, children's libraries, spend time together and observe the books that interest your child.


Importance of Children's Books:

Children can develop their interpretation skills by understanding what they read and listen to.

Stress and anxiety problems are reduced.

Children's books develop vocabulary. Develops effective and fluent speaking skills.

Early literacy education makes a great contribution through reading books.

It provides socialization of the child.

Books that enable the child to use mother tongue beautifully and correctly contribute to the personality development of the child.

Children's books make them interested in various arts.


Benefit of Reading Children Books for Social Development:

It is very important for the development of child’s social aspect from the age of 3, which is the period when establishing new friendships and staying in contact with close environment. Children's books support the personal development of the child. Thanks to reading, children have the opportunity to get to know people from different cultures closely.

In books, the child's problem-solving and decision-making skills develop and are supported with social development. By making use of positive examples about friendships and family relations with what they learn and see from the books, the child learns the rules of living in society and learns social behaviors more quickly as well as taking responsibility.


Benefit of Children's Books for Emotional Development:

Reading kid’s books from the pre-school period helps the emotional and psychological development of the child. The children identifies what they read and listen to the characters and heroes of the book with themselves. This child's ability to think empathetically contributes to being an imaginative and creative individual. Emotional traits develop. The child gains the ability to understand how others feel, and evaluating events from a different perspective is a very important indicator of personal development. Reading books is very important in terms of ensuring these developments. It helps. The child's reading or listening to a book contributes greatly to the emotional relaxation of the child, to spend quality time, to have an aesthetic awareness and different perspectives.


Children's books, which have a very important place and many benefits at every moment of the child's development process, should be introduced to children from an early age. For this purpose, it should not be forgotten that it is a very important requirement for parents to create opportunities for each child to have a library of their own, in which their own books are included.