Gift Ideas for New Mom

Birth… If it is asked what a miracle is, we could describe it with this word! The growth and development of a baby in its mother's belly, and the whole phase of its formation step by step, is a miracle in itself! Those who have this beauty should definitely be rewarded, happy and motivated! Because as much as it is a magical world, its responsibilities are heavy and challengin. After all, raising a human being in this life, nurturing and developing in every aspect requires an extraordinary dedication, isn't it?

If there is a mother who has just given birth in your family, friends you can share her happiness in this process by buying her a nice gift. You may prepare a pleasant surprise for the baby.


The new birth process, also known as the postpartum period, and the arrival of a baby in need of care in every aspect can sometimes be difficult and tiring. It may be a nice idea to create a special gift basket for the basic needs of the mother you are going to visit with a gift during this period.


During this period, the new mom will probably be tired and sleepless. After the baby is born, it will take time to adapt to the home and the outside environment; Since the number of guests coming to visit the baby will probably be high, we ask you to keep this visit as short as possible and to help the household if needed.


Well, now let's move on to the gift recommendations for the new mother! Let's see, which one will you choose?


Best Gifts to Buy for a New Mom


Here is the list of the best gifts that can be bought for a new mother! If there is a postpartum mother who has just given birth and returned home from the hospital, you may review these ideas and choose the one that suits you best and gift it. Let's get started!


Creating the Perfect Newborn Baby Gift Hamper


The newborn basket is one of the most sensible and necessary gifts you can buy for a mother!Hamper gifts for newborns give you complete flexibility for contents and price. You can decide to focus on the baby's gender, the time of year, or of course, a fabulous personal theme. As unique baby gift hampers usually help to stock Mum's essential baby supplies, chosen gifts are generally useful everyday items. However, you can be as thoughtful and creative as you want!


Here is the list  of lovely items for your newborn baby gift hampers:


  • Pure baby care: organic baby lotion, oils, shampoo, skincare, wipes, nappy rash cream, nappies
  • Practical baby gifts: baby thermometer, pacifiers, bottles, bibs, bath towels, sponges, hooded bath gown
  • Pretty baby grooming: baby hairbrush, cotton wool, cotton buds, nail trimmer, sunscreen lotion, sun hat
  • Pampering baby clothes: babygrows, onesies, rompers, socks, booties, gloves, cardigans
  • Plush accessories: baby teething rings, bath toys, rattles, activity chains, mobiles, musical toys, cuddly teddy bears



Basket of Foods to Boost Breast Milk Supply 

This time we are preparing a basket not for the newborn baby, but to pamper the mother! Newmom probably will be tired during this period, and sleepless nights will be waiting for her. One of the most important details in this process is that breast milk can be sufficient for the baby. A food basket of lactation foods to increase breast milk will indeed make the whole family happy. Of course, indirectly the baby too! So what kind of food can be in this basket? You can add dried fruits such as  dried figs, raisins, oatmeal, fresh fruits such as pears, dates, mulberries, depending on the season. These foods will both energize the mother and help increase the amount of essential breast milk for the baby.




Postpartum Clothes

If you are wondering what gift to buy for a mother who has just given birth, one of the fastest answers we can give you is postpartum clothes! During this period, the mother's body will naturally experience changes and she will need to be comfortable as she is constantly taking care of her baby during the day. The trick to consider when buying postpartum clothes is that they are designed to facilitate breastfeeding. 


Baby Care Book

If the mother gave birth to her first baby, she may be a bit fussy. Because the new and little member of the family will be very sensitive, she may not figure out how to treat baby. You can present a baby care book with quality information, written by an expert in the field, to guide her in baby care situations. By examining this book in their spare time, parents can easily learn about how to care for their newborn babies.


Newborn Baby Clothes

If you're looking for gift suggestions for the new mommy, we'll give you another useful idea! Newborn baby clothes are one of the gifts that cannot be rejected in this process. Since it is in a stage where it will grow rapidly, there will always be a need for clothes. Depending on the season in which your mother gave birth, you can choose thick winter or summer thinner clothes. If you wish, you can also buy clothes that they can use in the following months. In the category of newborn baby clothes, you can examine many types that can meet needs. 

A Convenient Baby Care Bag

It is the star of the list! A baby care bag that can fit all the baby's needs, is easy to carry, functional and has plenty of pockets will be a life-saving gift. Moreover, this gift is much more acceptable if it is made of quality material and baby-friendly delicate fabric! In baby care bags with thermal eyes, foods that need to be protected, such as breast milk, hot water or formula, can be preserved. If you wish, you can also choose baby care bags made of waterproof fabric.