Being a Working Mom is  Spectacular !  Advice for Working Moms

In today’s world women's place in business life is increasing day by day with the help of variety of impulsions including  economic necessities, career goals and desires. With this significant increase in the number of working women, an important concept has emerged, the “working mother”. While business life and motherhood are two difficult issues that bring important responsibilities on their own, taking the two together and trying to find a balance between them may sometimes be struggling.

Being a Working Mom


Being a working mom means your work life will never be the same. Don't let this scare you, it means a different surprise every day. Sometimes leaving your baby to go to work is emotionally exhausting, while sometimes even thinking about the arrival of Monday makes you very happy. Working mothers appreciate every time they spend with their children and strive to spend quality time with them.


As the employment of working mothers gets stronger, it is inevitable for the society to get stronger. But being a full-time working mom can lead to feelings of guilt and stress due to the attention divided between home and work. Sometimes these mixed feelings can be reflected in the home and have an effect on the psychology of the working mother and child. The key here is to focus on a plan, be organized, and find the right balance between your profession and parenting.


Can I Take Care of My Child Enough?

“I am working, I cannot take care of my child”, “Can I take care of my child enough?” are the biggest concerns of working mothers that they express to themselves and think about their children. The basis of this questioning lies in the change of the conventional order. In other words, while there was a system where mothers do not work and take care of their children at home, now mothers are working and spend much less time with their children compared to the past. This pushes working mothers to question their relationships with their children.

Like everyone else working, working mothers have to spend most of the day away from home and their children. This naturally shortens the time spent with the child. However, spending less time does not mean that the child is not cared for or cannot be taken care of. If it is tried to enjoy even the smallest moment spent together, if something is shared and a bond of love and trust is established between the mother and the child, why should these be insufficient? It is very important to enjoy being together in those moments spent together. If they focus on missed times and opportunities the feared thing will come true and mothers will miss the time they can spend productively with their children.

If a working mother shows adequate and necessary care and love for her child, takes care of kid, meets needs, and most importantly, establishes a bond with child, there will be no obstacle to the child's development and establishing a real relationship with mother. The important thing is to be able to realize these situations.


Advice for Working Moms

First of all, you should be comfortable and confident about the person you entrust your child to while you are at work.

The important thing is not to spend 24 hours with your child, but that the time you spend is quality and valuable for your relationship and your child. However, at this stage, sometimes spending quality time can be misunderstood. Spending quality time does not mean that you teach your child something. Those moments and hours when you bond with your child and strengthen your relationship are real quality time. The feeling of trust you will give them, the feeling of "I am loved" is much more valuable than anything the kid can learn at school.

Don't act out of guilt that comes with being a working mom. Saying okay to whatever your child wants, getting whatever they want or not setting limits is not a compensation and not a favor you do for them. On the contrary, it is a behavior that will have difficulties in the future and will negatively affect them. Don't try to show your baby that you love him by saying yes to everything.

Let your child know that no matter what, they can reach you whenever they need. This assurance is the basis of the messages you want to give them, you are valuable, you are important to me.

If you can't spend time with your child when you come home because you have chores to take care of, involve the child in your work or chat with while you do your work. For example, you can ask your child for help appropriate for their age while preparing a meal, so you can spend time together. While ironing, talk to your child about how their day was going and what excites them.

Have a routine to spend time with your child. These could be family events involving your spouse. For example, movie day, game time, travel/holiday.

Do not be afraid to seek help from your spouse and other family members when you need it.

When you establish a healthy, loving and trusting relationship with your child, remind yourself that your working life, being a working mother, and the length of time you spend together do not matter much.

Remember that as a working mom, you are a good role model for both your boys and girls. You educate your children with your hardworking, responsible, and independent stance that carries out many tasks at the same time.

Accept that you can't always keep up with everything, that you can't do everything perfectly.

Never forget that you are perfects as you are, not with more capabilities.

Do not neglect yourself when you are in a hurry to try to be enough and please everyone. Don't forget to take time for yourself and make yourself happy. Remember that you can be good to your child as long as you are good.