Happy Kids of  Nature With Stay Wild Collection

Many of us remember the days when we played outdoors in the street for hours as a child. We used to ride bikes, climb trees, dig holes in the backyard, collect stones, pine cones and make new things out of them. We would examine the buds, weeds, insects in the garden. We were children playing from morning till night until someone called us home. Those lucky and happy kids!

 Children are increasingly estranged from nature. Television, computer screens and shopping malls have become the biggest playgrounds for children. In short, the lifestyle and tempo of families, which have changed rapidly in recent years, have begun to affect children negatively. Unfortunately, today's children have little or no experience with nature.


Benefits of Nature for Kids

Children need nature. They need to play, run, see, touch, smell and explore freely in the open air. They need nature for their mental, emotional and physical development. Nature provides countless opportunities for discovery, creativity, problem-solving, and STEM education. Interacting with natural environments allows children to learn by doing and experiment with ideas. In nature, children think, question and make hypotheses thereby developing inquisitive minds.


Stay Wild Toys Inspired By Nature

In nature and natural everything as it should be. Cuddoll Stay Wild Collection makes feel a real wild life, connect more with nature and back to our roots. With the stay wild collection, we go deep into real and natural life.

Stay wild is made using premium 100% cotton yarn, and is stuffed with hypoallergenic polyester filling. All are hand-knit and hand-loomed, and are made to withstand a lifetime of love and play!

Each character is designed accordingly their unique feature which they represent in the wild  life. Let’s have a closer look into unique handmade organic Stay Wild Toys which are hand knitted by affectionate mother for a greater aim of supporting sustainable future for all society.


5 Favorite Dolls of This Summer

Riley the Racoon


The Cuddoll Riley the Racoon is curious , zealous and like discovering. It says that it had an exuberance for life. Don't lose your curiosity, like a river owing into innity.


Ola The Owl 


Ola The Owl is quite wise. It is calm and serene. Let your kid ask questions to Ola knowledge is the best gift. Stay wise with Ola!


Foster The Fox


Foster the fox’ most prominent feature is its intelligence. It always find a  way for the prcreativeoblem it face in the wildlife . Stay clever with Foster.


Bernard The Bear


Bernard’s power is legendary among the wild life society. It is strong and help people in any danger.


Bella The Bunny

Bella is so kind. Its gentle whispers make your toddler feel safe. Discover wild life wth Bella.