Every parent wants to provide the best amenities to their children, whether it is education, food, entertainment, etc. These days, you would find many toys manufactured using harmful materials, especially carbon footprints. Consequently, these non-organic baby toys affect the overall development and health of a growing child. Therefore, it is vitally essential to choose baby toys manufactured from organic material devoid of chemical and toxic stuff. As a matter of fact, organic toys have plenty of benefits for your babies. Organic toys are regarded as relatively safe on account of the material utilized in manufacturing, particularly non-toxic and free from chemicals. One of the best organic toys you can consider to purchase is our cute Poldo the Panda.

Following are the top 5 benefits of organic toys.


Organic toys are safe because they are made of cloth and cotton. No plastics, injurious dyes are used. Only those dyes are used, which are taken from natural sources, especially from roots, leaves, and berries. Thus, wooden toys are safer because of their Sturdy nature


The organic toys do not possess any moving parts; therefore, they are quite simple. The children feel comfortable playing with these simple toys. Thus, the organic toys being simple gives peace and solace, enhancing the children’s creativity and reasoning abilities.

3.Eco-Friendly play:

Personal health concerns do matter; however, organic toys provide a host of environmental advantages—the plastic toys manufactured with the help of petroleum whereby contributing the global warming. Eventually, the use of these limited crude oil reserves would result in a sustainability problem of the natural resources. In contrast, organic toys are Eco-friendly due to their organic material.

4.Wooden toys are durable:

Admittedly, the toys made of wooden material last longer even endurable for generations. Moreover, these toys are relatively easy to clean

5.To develop imagination:

Being simple in design compared to conventional toys, organic toys motivate and encourage to build their imagination using creative play. For instance, a doll is made using organic cotton, and wool does not have a face like other fancy ones. Thus, this organically produced doll toy provides open-ended plays. The child can make it a policeman, or a baby, or a nurse,

Following are the top 5 benefits of organic toys.