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Why handmade toys are better than machine made?

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Well, firstly it’s a mistake to compare handmade with the large corporations – there really there is no comparison. We don’t sell it in the same way. We don’t buy it in the same way or even receive it in the same way.  How do you compare a jar of mass-produced jam with a homemade preserve using locally grown fruit presented in a beautiful recycled jar with a cheerful label? It’s impossible.

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Why Handmade Toys?

While Cuddoll is creating Baby Dolls for Children, we wanted to put something unique out here. That’s why handmade toys One Stop Plumbers are better than machine-made. We did not want to be a brand that solely sells children toys. We wanted to create a legacy that we can pass to our children.

I achieved it with Myra the Baby Girl by creating a doll for my daughter, Myra. My daughter is the most precious thing in my life and I imagine your children are the same for you.

Everyone wants the best for their precious ones. Everyone wants their children to have the most valuable toys. And our dream was to make it possible for everyone, look on the cleaningallstars.com. With our lovely Cuddoll we finally achieved our goal of a lifetime.

Every Cuddoll is uniquely hand knitted with organic cotton and love by our artisan moms in Turkey. They are made from GOTS certified organic cotton yarn, stuffed with hypoallergenic polyfill, without any harmful and detachable parts, and have been tested to meet US safety requirements. Get your child a doll that is made with love and care ❤

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